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General Information

Q. What are the store hours of Jonka Tuincentrum?
A. For your convenience, we are open seven days a week.
Weekdays: Monday – Friday 08:00 AM – 06:00 PM Nonstop
Weekends: Saturday 08:30 AM – 06:00 PM Nonstop
Sunday 09:00 AM – 01:00 PM

Jonka Tuincentrum will be closed in 2013 on the following dates:

New Year’s Day – Tuesday, January 1
Carnival – Sunday February 10, Monday February 11 & Tuesday February 12 (open till 5 pm)
Good Friday – Friday, March 29
Easter – Sunday, March 31
Easter Monday - Monday, April 1
Queen’s Day – Tuesday, April 30
Labor Day – Wednesday, May 1
Ascension Day – Thursday, May 9
Curacao National Flag & Anthem Day – Tuesday, July 2
Curacao Day – Thursday, October 10
Christmas Eve – Tuesday, December 24 (open till 2 pm)
Christmas - Wednesday, December 25 & Thursday, December 26
New Year’s Eve – Tuesday, December 31 (open till 12pm)

Q. Where is Jonka Tuincentrum located?
A. Jonka Tuincentrum is located on the Santa Rosaweg 196 next to Paseata Shopping Center.

For map & directions click here to view our contact page

Q. What is Jonka Tuincentrum’s policy on sponsoring?
A. On yearly basis, we receive many requests for support from a wide range of charitable, social and student groups. We carefully review each of these requests and select for sponsoring whose programs or projects best fit into our community development, social responsibility or our commercial objectives. If you would like to have your proposal considered, please submit detailed information about your organization, project or event via our Contact Us form.

Please send your request a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to your event, project or any print or advertising deadline. Please allow a response time of at least five (5) working days following receipt of your completed form. Please note that Jonka Tuincentrum does not sponsor or financially support events that are religious or political in nature nor does Jonka Tuincentrum donate money or free products.

Sponsoring requests can be submitted in English, Dutch or Papiamentu.

Q. Where can I direct my questions or complaint?
A. For questions you can visit our store or
contact us. Complaints can best be made in writing by:

a) Sending us your questions and/or complaint via our contact page
b) Or, sending a letter to
     Jonka Tuincentrum
     P.O. Box 8200

*Your questions, remarks or complaints can also be submitted in Dutch or Papiamentu.

Q. Do you accept Customer Loyalty Programs cards (e.g. FunMiles) or Discount cards (e.g. 60+, Student cards etc.)?
A. Currently we are not affiliated with any customer loyalty program nor do we accept any discount cards.

Q. Do you rent outdoor power equipments?
A. No, we do not rent any of our equipments or products we sell.

Q. Do you do any landscaping jobs e.g. gardening, garden maintenance or constructing gardens?
A. No, we do not do any landscaping jobs. We only sell landscaping (maintenance) products and supplies.

Q. Do you construct ponds or pools?
A. No, we do not construct ponds or pools, however we do sell pond (construction) and pool products and supplies.


Q. Can I pay with a check, debit card and/or credit card?
A. Yes, at Jonka Tuincentrum it is possible to pay with checks from all local banks, debit cards or credit cards (Kompa Leon, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club & Discover). Checks should be made out to JONKA ENTERPRISES N.V. except for GIROBank checks which should be made out to P. DE JONG.

Q. Do you accept checks any time or day?
A. No, we only accept checks weekdays from Monday till Friday from 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions.

Q. Which other foreign currencies other than the Antillean Guilder do you accept?
A. We also accept US dollar bills.

Q. Do you accept 100 US dollar bills?
A. No, under no condition do we accept 100 US dollar bills.

Gift Certificates

Q. Does Jonka Tuincentrum sell gift cards?
A. Yes. The Jonka Tuincentrum gift card is the perfect gift for any occasion as you can decide to give any amount.

Q. Does the Jonka Tuincentrum gift card have an expiration date?
A. Yes. Our gift cards are three months valid after issue date.

Q. Do I have to spend the Jonka Tuincentrum gift card at once?
A. The amount on your Jonka Tuincentrum gift card does not have to be spent at once. The amount that has been spent will be deducted from the current balance and the remaining balance will be given as a credit voucher.

Q. I lost my Jonka Tuincentrum gift card. Did I lose my money?
A. Unfortunately the money is lost after losing the gift card.

Guarantee, Return & Exchange

Q. What is the guarantee term of my purchase?
A. When you purchase a(n) (electrical) product at Jonka Tuincentrum, you should expect it to be solid and will do what it is supposed to do during normal usage. As quality is our trademark you can trust the (electrical) products we sell. The moment you purchase a product Jonka Tuincentrum gives you a seller’s guarantee and on certain products also a manufacture’s guarantee. As a customer you can expect our (electrical) products to be apt for normal usage. The seller guarantee means that in case you have a complaint about your purchased (electrical) product within three (3) months after purchase, the proof of burden lies on Jonka Tuincentrum to prove that the (electrical) product when sold was in solid working condition and otherwise it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. After three (3) months of purchase the burden of proof lies on the customer to prove that during or after purchase the (electrical) product had a defect.

The manufacturer’s guarantee contains that most manufactures give 1 to 2 years guarantee on their products. This happens on their terms and conditions and may vary from (brand) product to (brand) product. This means that only you can assert your rights towards the manufacturer. Therefore, this guarantee cannot be considered as one issued by Jonka Tuincentrum itself. Always consult your (electrical) product Users Manual to look for manufacturer’s warranty/guarantee terms & conditions.

A seller’s or manufacture’s guarantee will expire when an (electrical) product has been:
1. Damaged or defected due to deliberately or negligence
2. Improper used
3. Repaired by third parties
4. No (timely) or faulty service
5. Normal wear and tear

Jonka Tuincentrum charges in advance a repair labor fee on all (electrical) products that are brought in for guarantee claim inspection or repair. In observation of manufacture or factory error (after excluding all above-mentioned reasons), the repair labor fee paid in advance will be reimbursed.

Q. Can I return or exchange my product?
A. Purchases from our inventory may be returned or exchanged with the original sales receipt within eight (8) days of purchase date either for another product or for a store credit which is valid three (3) months. We do not give cash refunds. All returned or exchanged items must be in new and working condition, in their original box, and must include all packing material, blank warranty cards, manuals, and all accessories.

No Return/Exchange On:
• Sale items - they are final sales and cannot be returned or exchanged.
• Gift Cards are redeemable for merchandise only and may not be redeemed for cash.
• Some electric products such as capacitor, solenoids and pressure switches.
• Parts

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