Whether you are a novice or a professional gardener, Jonka Tuincentrum offers you a large assortment of tools and accessories from quality brands like Gardena and Corona for every possible job or project in the garden making it easy to work efficiently and comfortable. If you love to spend time in your yard or garden, you’ll find having the right tools will make the job much easier.

• Grubbers
• Fruit Pickers
• Forks
• Spring-Wire & Lawn Rakes
• Pruners
• (Telescopic) Handles
• Brooms
• Curved Saws
• Trowels
• Mobile Garden Cart
• Hoes
• Secateurs
  • Loppers
• Tool Racks
• Spades
• Pressure Sprayers
• Wheelbarrows
• Machetes
• Gloves
• Shears
• Clippers
• Handsaws
• Bow Saw
… and more!

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