Universal Aluminium Tanks

Universal aluminium fuel tanks from SAG Alutech are noted for their quality, lightness and their absolute reliability. They are supplied as standard including filler pipe with lockable tank lid and a drain screw.

The tank can be used to
• save (rain) water for watering plants, or
• safely store (diesel) fuel in bulk for generators or to fuel outdoor power equipment and vehicles

Polycarbonate Sheets & Panels

PALRAM  is a leading multinational manufacturer of thermoplastic sheets and panels, mainly from polycarbonate, PVC and acrylic. The products are used in a wide variety of applications and projects around the world, including the following market sectors: building and construction, architectural projects, advertising and printing, agriculture, fabrication and Do It Yourself.

SUNTUF corrugated sheets offer high light transmission, strength, and wide service temperature range. This product is ideal for car ports, patio/deck coverings, garden greenhouses and skylight applications.

• Virtually Unbreakable
• Clear as Glass
• Long term weather resistant
• Blocks Virtually 100% of Harmful UV Rays
• Promotes Healthy Plant Growth
• Flame Retardent
• Lightweight
• Easy to work with and install
• 26” width / 8’ or 12’ length
• Available colors Clear, Solar Grey and Red Brick

Download Suntuf® Leaflet 1
Download Suntuf® Leaflet 2
Download Suntuf® Brochure 1
Download Suntuf® Brochure 2

PALTILE is a decorative thermoplastic modular polycarbonate panel for covering roofs that is highly resistant to impact. It offers a simple, elegant and aesthetic Do It Yourself solution for covering residential structures, patios, pergolas, pet houses and car ports.

• Integral 100% UV protection
• Virtually Unbreakable
• Withstands harsh weather conditions
• Designed for many years of service
• Resists accumulation of dirt and growth of moss and fungus
• Easy, economical and simple to install
• Size 26” width / 8’ length
• Available color: Red Brick

Download Paltile™ Spanish Style Leaflet

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