Jonka Tuincentrum has different types of pesticides and natural repellents  to combat, rid and/or control pests whether it is insects, plant diseases, fungi, weeds, rats etc. Whether in- or outdoors you can trust us to help you find a solution to your insect, critter or pest problems.

The types of pesticide we sell are:

Insecticide (to kill and control insects)
Fungicide (to destroy or inhibit the growth fungi which cause molds, rots, and plant diseases)
Herbicide (to kill or inhibit the growth of unwanted plants, especially weeds or unwanted grasses that are present on 
   fences rows, gardens, farms, parking lots and sewer lines)
Rodenticide (to kill and/or control rats, mice, bats and other rodents

To help ward off pests, pets or other animals from unwanted areas in your home, yard or garden, Jonka Tuincentrum carries natural repellents that are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

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