Jonka Tuincentrum has been providing outstanding service and advice to our clients for over 25 years. To commercial and residential clients, our Service Department provides the following services:

General Repair

Maintenance Service
Pump, Water Softener and/or Drip- & Sprinkler Irrigation Installation
Asessment Service of Existing Irrigation System
Deep Well & Swimming Pool Water Testing

General Repair:

We have a fully equipped Service Department offering maintenance and repairs on our gardening tools, power equipment, pumps and water or irrigation computers for residential and commercial clients. Whenever you develop a service need, such as a malfunctioning sprinkler head or no water flow from deep well pump or other problems, you can contact us and we will dispatch a service technician to resolve the problem for you in a timely and professional manner.

Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment with our Service Department. Refer to our Service Department Pricing for more information.

      Maintenance Service:

Maintenance service is imperative for good functioning of your outdoor power equipments, water and irrigation computers or your drip, sprinkler and irrigation systems. It will ensure dependable and worry-free performance of your gardening & irrigation tools, equipment and systems
for a longer period of time. 

We provide the following maintenance services:

     A. Preventive Maintenance: Power tools and equipment will be serviced and cleaned periodically* to prevent age or heavy use related failures of the tools or equipment. Parts will be cleaned or changed (if needed at additional cost).

* Depending on the power tool or equipment and product usage, your product maintenance schedule may vary.

     B. Watering & Irrigation System Maintenance:  The proper maintenance of a watering or irrigation system for your home or business is essential to its performance and efficiency. On a monthly basis we will scrutinize all watering system components for proper operation. Our technician will test all valves, replace battery (at additional cost) when needed, inspect and adjust watering / irrigation system for proper coverage, plus check all lines, heads, and nozzles.

Contact us to for more information or to schedule an appointment with our Service Department. Refer to our Service Department Pricing for more information.

Pump, Water Softener and/or Drip- & Sprinkler Irrigation Installation:

We install deep well pumps, tanks, water softeners, drip- and sprinkler systems using the best water management and irrigation supplies available. At Jonka Tuincentrum we stand behind our work and offer a comprehensive warranty on parts and labor. We can help you keep your pump, water softener, or irrigation system running at optimal performance and efficiency for years to come.

Contact us or request a quote pump or request a quote water softener. Refer to our Service Department Pricing for more information.

     Assessment Service of Existing Irrigation System:

Having a watering or irrigation system that has substantial problems related to poor design and installation, inferior product quality, little service maintenance, outdated systems or a combination of these factors, can lead to poor system performance and/or excess water usage.

In such cases we perform an assessment of your current watering or irrigation system and provide you with a report and quotation detailing what needs to be done to correct the problem as well as additional improvements that may interest you.

Contact us to schedule an appointment. Refer to our Service Department Pricing for more information.

Deep Well & Swimming Pool Water Testing:

It is important to test the suitability (i.e. level of calcium, salt or hardness) of your deep well water quality for its intended use, whether it be livestock watering, for irrigation, or household water usage. A test will assist you in making informed decisions about your water and how you use it.

Also testing the water chemistry (pH, Chloride, Alkalinity etc.) in swimming pools is extremely important as it will ensure a safe and comfortable swimming environment while maintaining a balanced water level and preventing damage to your pool surfaces and equipment.

For all of the above reasons, Jonka Tuincentrum provides you the service to test your deep well or swimming pool water for ANG 7,50 (incl. a water test container). Simply stop by, receive instructions and your container to put your water in for testing and we will tell you within 24 hrs what the result are.


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